Consultations with a Librarian

Teaching staff can book a consultation with a librarian who can assist with embedding and integrating content into courses as well as delivering training programs aligned to the intended outcomes of the course. Library staff can assist in developing content and/or provide advice on:

  • Course Reserves
  • Library workshop for students
  • Open Educational Resources


Throughout each session, including orientation, the Library delivers workshops for students that include:

  • Starting your assignment
  • Citation and citation tools
  • Finding information
  • Research strategies

View the Workshops page for a list of upcoming workshops.


GCC Library has resources, services and spaces that will help you to succeed in your studies.

Library Orientation Video

Watch the 5-min video below to have an overview of the Library. Find out more about the Library's spaces and resources essential to you as a freshmen!

Find books, journals, articles, and readings

Search the Library catalogue for resources to complete your assignments.

Subject Guides and Online Resources

Subject guides provide an overview of key resources for your discipline area. Subject Guides act as a portal to the online databases, journals and books that are most relevant to your area of study.

Reading Lists

Reading lists for your subjects can be found in Moodle. If you can't find the Reading Lists link in your subject, try the following:

  • Subject outline
  • Modules
  • Subject Guides

You can also find individual items from your lists by searching the Library catalogue .

Books in Reserve

Reserve is a collection of books (requested by teaching staff) found near the Library information service desk. Details on borrowing Reserve items are available on the Borrowing Privileges page. You can also find Reserve items by searching the Course Reserves page.


Most subjects at GCC use APA as their preferred referencing style.

Visit the APA page for information on how to reference.

Visit the EndNote (Web) and Other Referencing Resources pages for information on software that will assist you in creating your in-text citations and reference lists.

Find out more

Additional services are available by visiting the relevant section in our services menu item. These pages include specific information, resources and instruction to help you access the services, collections and spaces most relevant to you.

Getting help

For assistance with finding and accessing resources and referencing, contact the Library through Library Chat for one-on-one advice and help when you need it.


What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is the ethical code of academia, which includes values such as avoiding cheating, plagiarism, distorting the work of others, or fabricating information.

In order to adhere to high standards of everyone's academic integrity, academic should:

  • Be honest pursuit of knowledge;
  • Trustworthy, knights believe in others, cooperate and share with others to explore their potential height;
  • To be fair to all by setting clear standards, practices and procedures; to interact fairly with others;
  • Respect a wide range of opinions and ideas to expand the scope of knowledge; and
  • Responsible for maintaining personal integrity in academics and research; and taking action to prevent illegal behavior.


The student handbook presented by the Registry is designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls of plagiarism and maintain your intellectual integrity.

- Intellectual Property




Comics on Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Department - Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Comic_Book_Cover
Comics on Intellectual Property II Intellectual Property Department - Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region IPD-Cover
Comic Series on “The Art of War and Intellectual Property Protection” Intellectual Property Department - Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region IP_3_Cover_C

- Copyright




Hong Kong’s Amended Copyright Law: A Guide for Teachers and Students (Revised June 2020) Intellectual Property Department - Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Guide_for_T&S_chi
Copyright in Education in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department - Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Copyright_in_education_in_H
Borrowing Privileges    Student / Admin. Staff    Academic Staff Renewal
Loan Quota 20 items 30 items -
Hold Quota 10 items 15 items -
Loan Period Books 14 days Yes
Course Reserve 1 day / 3 days / 7 days No
Reference Library use only No
Audiovisual 14 days Yes
Devices & Equipment Same day 2 days No
Serial Library use only No
Library fines Overdue HK$ 2 per day  ( 3-day grace period*)
Lost & damaged Handling fee + Cost of replacement
*Grace period is counted by calendar days.


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