Church Nomination Scheme


The church is the temple of God, a place to proclaim the truth of Christ, cultivate the spiritual and moral development of Christians. As a Christian tertiary institution, we aim to promote biblical truth through education and teach students the correct values so that they can become pillars of society that glorify God and benefit others. We firmly believe that we share the same core values with the churches, so the “Church Nomination Scheme” was established in partnership with the churches to nurture servant leaders to serve the Lord.

The “Church Nomination Scheme” aims to recognize students’ outstanding performance in character, ministry service and community service. The qualified applicants will receive an individual notification for an interview from the College. Applicants with satisfactory performance in the interview will be given priority in consideration for admission.

For current HKDSE candidates, priority for admission will be given to those applicants who meet the admission requirements and confirm enrolment within the designated period after the release of the HKDSE examination results.


Applicants of the “Church Nomination Scheme” must have submitted an application for admission through the Gratia Christian College online application system or the Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes (E-APP).

Application Procedures

  1. Complete the “Church Nomination Scheme” application form
  2. Return the completed application form along with a photocopy of the relevant documents (e.g. social service certificates, volunteer awards, etc.) to the College via the following methods:
    • By email to; or
    • By post to “Development and Communication Office, Gratia Christian College, 5 Wai Chi Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon”


Applicants who participate in the “Church Nomination Scheme” with financial difficulties can apply for scholarships or bursaries, subject to the final decision of the College.

Application Form

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Development and Communication Office

Tel: 5804 4144



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