Development and Communication Office

About Us

The Development and Communication Office is the link between the College and the community. We strive to advance the Vision, Mission and Core Values of the College through various activities. We also provide support and work together with other departments in the College to achieve the College’s objectives.


  • Connect and build relationships with key stakeholders in the College
  • Serve the community at large through outreach efforts, and engage with and enhance our connections with churches, NGOs, and professional associations
  • Cultivate relationships with potential donors and sponsors to further the future development of the College, and maintain long-term relations with our supporters
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts and develop opportunities for collaboration



  • Develop strategies to promote and establish the Gratia Christian College brand as an independent Christian Higher Education Institution
  • Provide course information, organize school talks, participate in the secondary school activities or exhibitions for the secondary school students to prepare them for future study
  • Act as a channel for media liaison and contact point for media enquiries; manage media communication to support various College’s initiatives
  • Produce publications and multimedia to promote and communicate the latest news and development of the College
  • Organise promotional events, campus tours and seminars for prospective students and other interested parties


Development and Communication Office

Contact phone number: 5804 4144


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