Student-Staff Exchange Forum & MOU Signing Ceremony between Igdir University and Gratia Christian College

A Student-Staff Exchange Forum was jointly organized between Igdir University, Turkey and Gratia Christian College on 15th March 2024 followed by a MOU Signing Ceremony held in the College after the forum, aiming to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience for the student and staff as well as to promote mutual collaboration and partnership in areas of research and academic exchange.

Mr. YUEN Shu-wah, Chairman of Board of Governors, Gratia Christian College welcomed this mutual institutional cooperation in his speech and Dr. CHUI Hong-sheung, President of Gratia Christian College shared the vision, mission, values of the College and the spirit of servant leadership. Professor Dr. Ramazan ERENLER, Dean of Igdir University, Turkey expressed that the mutual exchange between educational institutions would foster international collaboration.

The Heads of the four Schools of Gratia Christian College (Business, Christian Ministry, Education and Psychology, Social Work) and a representative from Student Development Office shared the update of the college and programme information as well as the student activities at the Student-Staff Exchange Forum.

In addition, Noah’s Ark International Ministry has successfully achieved fruitful results in the “Archaeological Discovery of Noah’s Ark on Mountain Ararat in Turkey” that was also shared at the forum.