14 students were awarded scholarships under The “Self-Financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme 2022-23”

The Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) was set up by the Government of Hong Kong SAR under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund in 2011 to offer scholarships and awards to students with outstanding performance in pursuing full-time locally-accredited self-financing sub-degree or bachelor’s degree (including top-up degree) programmes at non-profit-making education institutions. A total of 14 students from Gratia Christian College were awarded the following scholarships in the Academic Year 2022/23 in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and demonstration of talent or achievements in non-academic areas. The scholarship presentation ceremony was successfully held on 25 April 2023. • 6 students were awarded the Outstanding Performance Scholarship • 1 student was awarded the Best Progress Award • 2 students were awarded the Talent Development Scholarship • 4 students were awarded the Reaching Out Award • 1 student was awarded the Endeavour Scholarship Congratulations to all the awarded students and wish them all the best in their studies. SPSS2023-01spaceSPSS2023_02    

Sharing of Student Awardees

 Miss L Y CHIN

It was a great honour for me to be awarded the “Outstanding Performance Scholarship.” This scholarship was a great achievement and a recognition of my hard work and dedication to my studies. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who supported me throughout my academic journey. My teachers, family, friends, and fellow group members played a crucial role in contributing to my success and achievement. So, really thanks for their guidance and encouragement. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my fellow students to strive for excellence in pursuing their studies and to achieve the goals. Dedication, hard work, and perseverance are the keys to success. This scholarship was not only just a reward for my academic achievement, but it also signified the importance of education and the value of continuing education. It demonstrated that we could overcome obstacles and realize our dreams with determination and effort. I hope my sharing will inspire and motivate my peers to cherish opportunities and move forward in pursuing their studies and achieving their goals. Let us all strive to reach our full potential and make a positive impact on the world.

Miss L Y CHIN Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

I was very grateful to be awarded the SPSS ” Outstanding Performance Scholarship.” This scholarship not only means a recognition for me but also an affirmation of my hard work in the past year of study and dedication to the community service. Indeed, I encountered many challenges to adapt to the financial situation and learning environment when I returned to study again after working for a few years in the society. In addition to expressing my heartful thanks to the teachers of the College, I would like to thank my family and peers for their encouragement and support. I hope there will be more students who can receive scholarships in the coming future to show their care for others in serving the community.

Miss H T CHOI Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 3) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

I believed that knowledge could change the future! Having worked in the society for many years, I still chose to step into the campus again. I studied Early Childhood Education because I believed that childhood was an essential part of the growth stage of one’s life, and the sense of happiness in the childhood period could motivate the children to face setbacks in their future lives. I learnt from GCC during my study here that making my life meaningful to others was valuable. It would make my path more explicit. From the beginning, I simply wanted to be a pre-school education teacher. Now, I hope I will become a special education teacher to help those kids with special needs in education in the future. I would like to thank the teachers of the College for their cultivation and nominating me for this Outstanding Performance Scholarship. I also thank the Education Bureau for presenting me this award This award meant a lot to me. As a self-financed student, it not only gave me support to continue my study, but it also affirmed my hard work that motivated me to move forward.

Miss W L KO Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

It was a great honour for me to be awarded the Outstanding Performance Scholarship. This award greatly affirmed my dedication and effort in pursuing knowledge. Returning to study after ten years of working was exciting and worrying. I was excited to fight for my goals. On the other hand, I was worried that I would be unable to achieve a balance between work and study. Fortunately, I received support from many parties in this journey, including the flexible arrangement of the College, the support of academic staff, the selfless dedication of my family, and the team members who had been supporting each other and fighting side by side with me. In the coming days, I hope we will continue working hard together! Working towards our goals!

Mr C H LEE Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

I was honoured and excited to receive the “Outstanding Performance Scholarship.” I would like to thank the judges for their affirmation and all the teachers who supported my study journey wholeheartedly with a lot of valuable advice. At the same time, I would like to thank the fellows who cooperated seamlessly in doing projects and supported each other in the past one and a half year. Finally, I would like to thank my classmates for their mutual understanding and encouragement during the learning process. We must continue to work hard in the final push to achieve our goals.

Mr Y H TAM Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

I was grateful for the great honour of receiving the SPSS “Outstanding Performance Scholarship,” which encouraged and inspired me a lot. This scholarship not only provided me financial support, but was also an encouragement and affirmation that I was surprised to receive it in my study journey. Although the road ahead was long, and there might still be many challenges, I learnt to be more grateful with this award. I was thankful for the College’s training and my teachers’ guidance. It accelerated my motivation to move on with enthusiasm!

Miss J WANG Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Outstanding Performance Scholarship”

Being a mature student, it was a great encouragement for me to receive this award. The nomination of the Best Progress Award stimulated me to review my study experience and achievement in these past few years. After sorting out my inner thoughts, I decided to go for an interview. During the interview, I was full of ideas about how to develop myself and work hard towards my goal. Moreover, it was clear that I should equip myself with knowledge and practical experience for walking on the future path. I was very fortunate to experience fruitful college life at GCC.

Mr P Y LEUNG Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Best Progress Award”

I was a second-year student studying Social Work Programme. I was also a member of two squash clubs and the captain of the summer league team. I was full of excitement when I knew that I was awarded the “Talent Development Scholarship.” I had been involved in squash for many years and had never thought of giving up, even facing challenges and difficulties. On the contrary, I strived to persist in practicing continuously and keep improving to live up to the captain’s name. The affirmation by others was so touching! I was pleasantly surprised that my hard work was appreciated and recognized. The harvest was actually a surprise and encouragement for me.

Mr C C TSOI Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Talent Development Scholarship”

I am delighted to receive the Talent Development Award again. Last year, I spent the scholarship on buying the dragon boat paddles and enrolled in physical fitness courses in addition to purchasing the dragon boat with part of it. Various competitions resumed in many regions this year so that I could have a chance to participate. It is exhilarating to communicate with different athletes in the large-scale competitions. With this award, I could enrol in the coaching courses for my further development in this area.

Miss K M WONG Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Talent Development Scholarship”

I was delighted to be one of the awardees of the “Reaching Out Award.” I was grateful to the College for nominating me to get this award. With the support of this scholarship, I might go to Japan to explore the local culture, understand the lifestyle of the local people and learn about different handicrafts. I would make good use of this opportunity to learn more new knowledge and broaden my horizons. Through this learning journey, I planned to engage in some handicraft skills for sharing them with the Hongkongers while returning to Hong Kong. I also intended to serve the community by sharing my learning experience.

Miss H T CHAN Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Reaching Out Award”

I was very grateful for the encouragement and nomination by the College, which offered me an opportunity to receive the SPSS ” Reaching Out Award”. It was a valuable award for me! I greatly enjoyed my study life as a social work student at Gratia Christian College. The learning process allowed us to broaden our horizons, engage in knowledge, and be nurtured to be servant leaders. The Reaching Out Award provided resources and opportunities for me to have the chance to conduct exchange activities abroad. I could enrich my understanding of different cultures, enhance my cultural sense, and apply them to the field of social work. I treasured the award and was thankful for the support of the College and the tutors that built up my confidence to continue my studies and broaden my horizons.

Mr K C CHAN Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Reaching Out Award”

I would like to thank the Education Bureau for presenting the Reaching Out Award to me. I was honoured and happy to receive this award. With this award, I could explore and learn new knowledge overseas and share it with other students. I look forward to enriching my life through this learning journey. Once again, I would like to thank the Education Bureau and the College for the support and encouragement.

Miss W C TO Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Reaching Out Award”

Being a full-time social worker with more than ten years’ working experience in this field, the 2-year study in Gratia was challenging for me. In the last year, I was surprised to receive the Best Progress Award which was a big gift to me. This year, I received the Reaching Out Award which allowed me to have a deeper understanding of Korean culture. I could also apply this learning experience with the new knowledge to serve those in need in the workplace. I am grateful to the College for supporting me and even more thankful for the College’s affirmation of my efforts. I will soon graduate from the programme. Hence, I will articulate and demonstrate the learned knowledge from the College and continue to work hard in the future!

Miss C K WAN Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 4) Awardee of “Reaching Out Award”

It was a great honour to be awarded the “Endeavour Scholarship” by the Education Bureau. I was thinking of a sense of trial while being nominated for the scholarship. I was surprised when I knew that I was the awardee. I would like to say thank you to the teachers for this recognition. It was also a great encouragement for me to continue my study path in the coming years. I would study hard with perseverance to continue sticking to my interests while maintaining my academic performance. I hoped that I could perform well with my strength in the future and achieve glory for the College.

Miss W M CHU Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme (Year 2) Awardee of “Endeavour Scholarship”