Graduation Ceremony of Gratia Christian College 2023

The Graduation Ceremony of Gratia Christian College was successfully held on 11th November 2023 with conferment of Bachelor’s Degree, Higher Diploma, Professional Diploma and Diploma to the graduates of 2023 academic year. Mr. James Cheng, the Chief Founding Donor, was invited to be the Guest of Honour to officiate at the ceremony. Mr. Yuen Shu-wah, Chairman of the Board of […]

PAOC Spiritual Leadership Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

With the generous contribution from the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), Gratia Christian College established a Spiritual Leadership Scholarship to recognize those students who have demonstrated good Christian faith and leadership skills during their study in the College. Three students were awarded the scholarship in the PAOC Spiritual Leadership Scholarship Presentation Ceremony which was held in the library of the […]

The Commencement of Academic Year 2023/24

The academic year 2023/24 commenced on 4 September 2023. Over 300 students attended the first College Assembly on the campus. The assembly began with a worship session led by the College’s Worship Team and a warm welcome from Dr. H. S. Chui, BBS, JP, President of Gratia Christian College.  Rebecca, a representative from “Young Life”, introduced the ministry service and […]

“Student Orientation Day” for the 2023/24 Academic Year

The “Student Orientation Day” for the 2023/24 academic year was successfully held on 31 August 2023, providing around 200 new students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Gratia’s campus environment, facilities, learning life, and relevant resources and support services, in preparation for the commencement of the semester. Dr H.S. Chui, BBS, JP, President of Gratia Christian College, welcomed the […]

Online Information Week – Recorded Webinars

All the webinars of the “Online Information Week” organized by Gratia Christian College were completed at the end of June 2023. Thanks for the sharing by all the speakers and the participation of the attendees. Please click the following links for the recorded videos: 26/6/2023 – 通過可持續發展目標 (SDG) + ESG 實現轉型創新思維和忠誠的合作夥伴 27/6/2023 – 未來的斜棟人生之「信徒/牧者」 28/6/2023 – 社工如何提升個人的精神健康 29/6/2023 – 正向心理學 – 生活實用篇 30/6/2023 – 培養小孩語言運用 […]

14 students were awarded scholarships under The “Self-Financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme 2022-23”

The Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) was set up by the Government of Hong Kong SAR under the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund in 2011 to offer scholarships and awards to students with outstanding performance in pursuing full-time locally-accredited self-financing sub-degree or bachelor’s degree (including top-up degree) programmes at non-profit-making education institutions. A total of 14 students from Gratia Christian College […]

「正向教育建構快樂校園2023」報告發佈會 (CHINESE ONLY)

【正向教育提升學生學習動機 締造愉快校園生活】 新冠疫情持續數年,本港學習環境及教學模式出現重大轉變。學生在疫情中受到了很大的影響,如何幫助他們重拾學習動力和積極心態? 為了讓大眾了解正向教育的重要性,宏恩基督教學院及打鼓嶺嶺英公立學校於2023年4月22日發佈了「正向教育建構快樂校園2023」報告。這項研究於2016至2022年間進行,共設計了24條問題,訪問了523名家長,有助於了解其子女在接受正向教育下的影響及結果。 當日出席發佈會的嘉賓包括: 研究結果顯示,學校推行正向教育能有效提升學生的學習動機、建立師生關係及提高對學校生活的投入感。宏恩基督教學院教育及心理學院助理教授兼副系主任錢鋒博士表示:「從研究數據顯示,結構方程模型模式配適度指標CFI為0.908,近似方根誤差值RMESA為0.081,反映這項研究的科學性和可靠性。」 研究目的主要探討學校五項重要元素,包括老師關愛學生、學生之間良性互動、愉快的學習氣氛、自主學習及主動投入校園生活。結果發現當學校主動推行正向教育,重視建立良好師生關係及學生正向情緒,約七成學生在學習時會感到十分愉快及愉快、九成學生會對學校生活感到十分愉快及愉快、五成學生會經常或常常自覺地做功課、以及六成學生會經常或常常自覺地在學校主動幫助別人。 幸福感的五項元素有正面情緒、正向關係、投入感、意義和成就感,稱為PERMA (Martin Seligman,2011),本研究也證實良好的師生關係及正向情緒能帶動學生投入校園生活及主動學習,有助於提升學生的幸福感。全面復常上學已有一段時間,研究團隊提議全面推行正向教育,提升校內每位成員的身心幸福狀態,修補疫情缺課對學生所做成之影響,締造愉快校園生活。 研究團隊認為學校推行正向教育須包括以下元素:一、 提升學校持份者的正面情緒和心理質素二、 提供豐富多元化學習經歷,支持及鼓勵學生投入學習三、 建立關愛、接納的師生及生生關係四、 建立學生正向信念及有意義的校園生活五、 發展學生多元潛能,為學生製造成功機會 宏恩基督教學院及打鼓嶺嶺英公立學校於2023年4月22日 發佈了「正向教育建構快樂校園2023」報告。 「正向教育建構快樂校園2023」研究顯示,學校推行正向教育能有效提升學生的學習動機、 建立師生關係及提高對學校生活的投入感。 宏恩基督教學院教育及心理學院助理教授兼副系主任 錢鋒博士 致送紀念品給分享嘉賓–正向教育學院總監 鍾明崇先生 宏恩基督教學院教育及心理學院助理教授兼副系主任 錢鋒博士 致送紀念品給分享嘉賓–打鼓嶺嶺英公立學校學生家長 蘇雪瑩女士

College Assembly (6 March 2023)

Thanks to the generous donation of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), the PAOC Timothy Fund Scholarship was established to support students who wish to pursue ministry studies. A scholarship presentation ceremony was held during the College Assembly on 6 March 2023. The College was pleased to have invited Rev Peter DOVE, Regional Director for Southeast Asia, PAOC to present […]

“Scholarship of the School of Education and Psychology” Presentation Ceremony

Thanks to the generous donation of Mr SO Wing Kin, Member of Board of Governors, Gratia Christian College, a scholarship presentation ceremony was held on 6 February 2023 to present the scholarship to the students in recognition of their outstanding performance and to support their studies. Mr SO was invited to present the “Scholarship of the School of Education and […]