Applicants from Mainland are welcome to apply for the following programmes:

Applicants from Overseas are welcome to apply for the following programmes:

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Programme 社會工作榮譽學士課程

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) Programme 心理學榮譽學士課程

Bachelor of Christian Ministry (Honours) Programme 基督教事工榮譽學士課程

Bachelor of Service Management (Honours) Programme 服務管理榮譽學士課程

Higher Diploma Programmes:

Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education 幼兒教育高級文憑課程

Higher Diploma in Psychology and Counselling Programme 心理及輔導學高級文憑課程

Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry Programme 基督教事工高級文憑課程

Higher Diploma in Transformative Business Management Programme 轉化型商業管理高級文憑課程

Diploma Programme:

Diploma in Pre-University Studies Programme 大學基礎文憑課程

Special Fee

A special fee to the Higher Diploma programmes will be charged. Interested applicants may contact the Registry for more information.

Visa Matters for Non-Local Students

All student are required to have the right of abode/right to land in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Please read the Guidebook for Entry for Study in Hong Kong carefully from the Hong Kong immigration department before filling out the application form (ID995A) for Entry for Study in Hong KongAll student visa applicants need to have a local sponsor and student who has been accepted by Gratia Christian College should nominate the Registry as your visa sponsor. Student may contact the Registry for further assistance about the application procedure.

Please be reminded that the whole processing time normally takes up to 8-10 weeks upon receipt of a complete set of application documents sent by courier/registered mail. However, the actual processing time could be longer and it is subject to the final approval from immigration department.

Student Sharing


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